Passion Fruit Mousse of Gods

VERY EASY! No excuses with “mimimis”, “I donĀ“t know”, this is KIDS LEVEL, but adults die for. šŸ˜€

Well, thatĀ“s what you gonna need, need a full paper and 2 pens, itĀ“s a lot of ingredients.

– 3 Passion Fruits

– 1 can of condensed milk

– Ā 300g of table cream

Ufs…itĀ“s a lot. LetĀ“s drink some water. The second part needs a LITTLE BIT of work, still kids level.

My advice, use a blender. DonĀ“t use a mixer. The blender in full power is gonna give you more air inside de mousse. The final bowl you gonna use to put the mousse, keep in the fridge, in the end we need the bowl in cool temp.

Cut the passion fruit in the middle, with a spoon just take the pulp and put in the blender. Start to blend. LetĀ“s break some seeds. After well blended take a sieve and start to strain in a separate bowl. We just need the juice. * With my mousse i take just a little bit of the seeds and put inside the bowl.

Clean the blender because we gonna need again. Now, finally, letĀ“s make some MOOOUUUUSSE. Put the strained juice, the condensed milk and the table cream in the blender, and blend. For about 2-4 min. In the last minute put the blender in full power, we need AIR in our mousse.

Take your cool bowl, and put the whole thing inside. You know that silicon spoon you have? Use it, donĀ“t leave not even a little bit of mousse inside the blender, you gonna regret later if don’t follow my advice. I carry this stone even today….

Well, put inside the refrigerator for about 4-6 hours. Most of the time i leave overnight, gonna be perfect.

Mousse Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Mousse of Gods


– If you want to take a fourth passion fruit. Just take the seed out of fruit and put in the top of the mousse.

– Got Kids? They like ice cream? DonĀ“t put in the refrigerator, take some ice cub trays and put the Ā  Ā  Ā mousse in the fridge. You gonna make big points for life.

– Start the gym. šŸ˜€