Roasted Veggies and a great side dish!

At dinner time, it’s always a struggle! We used to always have rice and beans ( being from Brazil , it’s all we eat ) but now that we are trying to watch our weight and eat healthy, we keep that to a minimum! We have been trying Black Rice and I have to tell you that’s pretty close to what we used to.

These roasted vegetables !cid_3882A1F3-D0C5-40AB-94BE-76B086742A1Care so delicious, that you won’t even believe it’s healthy!


1 butternut squash
2  medium red potatoes

2 medium sweet potatoes ( I use Japanese Sweet Potatoes)

1 box of grape tomatoes ( Around 15-20 )

1 red onion

Cut all ingredients around same size of the tomato, so it looks pretty and each bite taste as awesome. In a bow put a little olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper. Add all veggies to the bowl and mix it all up so every piece has a bit of seasoning to it. Cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and spread the vegetables around. In the oven it goes for 25-30 minutes until all veggies feels nice and soft. Enjoy with a little green salad and your favorite protein!


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